Has European Fashion Reached a Stalemate?

European fashion has lead the way in the world since the 1950s when they invented fashion shows by accident. Count Giorgini was a designer who needed to sell some clothes so he could eat. He came up with a brilliant idea, he invited several ladies to his workshop, fed and wined them with the hope they would buy from him.

He had previously asked several pretty girls to wear his clothes and walk around the room so the ladies would appreciate them and could see them on a body instead of a table or dummy. The ladies liked the idea and were receptive to the girls showing the dresses and the event ended with a great sale. After a couple of successful rounds with the ladies he decided to try the same strategy with the lower class. They paid cash and paid immediately. With the ladies he had to wait until they decided to pay him.

He brought together the same setting using cheaper materials but using the same designs. Cheap wine and cheese were served and his girls did their job again. Soon every designer and seamstress was doing the same thing all over Milan so he moved to Rome and started again and the ball started rolling without rest until today.

But European fashion has lost its glamour and surprise element. Every time the Milan, Rome or Paris fashion season starts you can expect the same thing but in different colors. In fact many buyers tend to wait for the American and Asian designers’ clothes and creations. European designers have not lost their touch, they still produce beautiful pieces but they do not allow new blood to emerge, they want to stay under the spotlights forever.

This is not possible, times change and people change. The world never stops rotating and geniuses are born every day. They believe they have the market cornered when in fact they are slowly losing it. New blood, new ideas are popping out everywhere else and they are growing and changing the world of fashion. Dinosaurs disappeared because they could not evolve and adapt, the day may come when Paris, Milan and Rome lose their leadership
to other places that have opened their doors and minds to new ideas and concepts.

European fashion has remained grey for many years while fashion in other countries and continents bursts with light and movement. A shorter sleeve or a longer skirt is not change and evolution, evolution comes from deep, true change and they refuse to join the wave that is sweeping the world with color movement and freshness. Who knows if Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires will become the fashion capitals of the world?

Fashion Games That Girls Love

Whether your daughter is having a sleepover or you are trying to come up with fashion games for girls at school, there are lots of great ideas you can try.

One idea for girl fashion games is to play Barbie fashion games. These games are lots of fun for younger girls who enjoy playing with Barbies still. You could get a few pieces of different colored material, have the girls sketch out, and design their own clothing for the Barbie. If they are very young, make sure you are the one using the scissors and taking care of the dangerous parts of the game. No child should have scissors and that is just an accident waiting to happen.

Another Barbie fashion game is to dress each doll in a top or bottom and then have each child choose what piece of clothing and which accessories they think would work best with that look. It forces them to think quickly and come up with stylish ideas on the spot. This is the perfect game for any young girls who are thinking of working towards a career in the world of fashion.

For older girls, try playing games with some of their favorite celebrities. Buy a couple fashion or style magazines and have the girls look through them and guess – without peeking at the text – who is wearing what. They should be able to tell which designer’s have designed the different outfits and best of all this will help them study up on the different designers and style trends. You keep things fun by having modern magazines with their favorite celebs.

Use the Internet to your advantage and find online fashion games. Browse through different sites and see what you can come up with. The Internet offers tons of fresh, fun ideas for girls of all ages and different games you can play to help them learn more about fashion. Whether they are steering towards a career in fashion or you just want them to have a little fun, this is the perfect way to get girls involved in style and fashion. If you are hosting a children’s party, what better way to get them excited and having fun than by playing games? All the girls will love it and you will be the coolest mom ever. Best of all, the supplies for all these games are minute and very inexpensive so you will not break the bank.

Commitment to Keeping in Touch-An Old Fashioned Idea That Works!

An old mentor once told me this. There is a unique sense of power in you when you simply call up someone and say, “Nothing urgent, merely saying hello”. And even more so when you call up someone and offer to help. I will explain the sense of power a little later in this article.

You see, in this fast age, we are so used to calling someone only when we need something–information, a favor, money, facilitating an event etc. etc. So think back–when did you call someone just to chat, with no expectation on either side except a determination to not lose touch?

It is really exhilarating to re-connect with your friends. Specially ones you have not looked up for some time. And specially when they do not expect it.

Many of us stand on formality. We are a bit shy in approaching someone that we have lost touch with. Others among us have a bit of an ego–we expect others to call us. I really think while egos are fine in some places, they have no place in relationships—they are an anti-thesis of commitment and positive thinking.

So my advice to you is—examine all your relationships, including the ones you have either discarded or not attended to. Then screen them for importance—to you. If there are relationships that are important to you for either peace of mind or happiness or just social well-being, do not stand on formality or let your ego or pride get in the way. This is called giving someone a second chance.

You will be surprised how effective getting in touch with someone you have not been in touch with can be. Examine the following benefits.

1. It enables you to update your social “database”.

2. You get real time look into how the other person is doing and what his or her values are.

3. You will feel good that you have taken the “high road” and reached out and met someone more than half-way by initiating the dialogue.

4. Chances are that your act of opening up to someone you had prior relationship with will cause a spark of reciprocity–at least in some instances.

Now let me explain what I or my mentor meant by “sense of power”. When you get in touch with someone after a long time, the tendency may be one of suspicion on their part. After all, how many of us, “just call to say hi”? But when you reach out to just re-connect and that is in fact your whole agenda, there is power in that message. It is saying to some one–I feel comfortable and self-confident in calling some one, even when or especially when I do not need anything from them.

Sometimes, you can better your odds of others you have contact being warm to you if you find something that you know they have an interest in. Once I called an old friend of mine who used to like clean humor. I began by saying, ” I am not sure why, but when I came across this joke I thought of you. I recall how you like clean humor–well I found this to be funny and clean, so here goes. By the way, how have you been–it has been too long… “. Another time I called someone to remind them of the trip we had taken to Alaska, and how I thought we were out of gas and had to hitchhike to the nearest gas station and hitch hike back!

Both time, I scored–and re-established an important connection.

Good luck.

Profile For Jobs – Fashion Marketing

Jobs in fashion marketing can be an exciting deal for anyone with a creative bent of mind. If you are an artistic person and are wondering how to possibly turn your passion into a highly remunerative profession, then this is surely something worthy of your perusal. Though challenging and demanding, this is an industry for those who love to keep pace with the fast moving and ever changing world of fashion.

If you have an inherent knack for grasping the fashion styles that are going to be well received in the market or if you find it easy to convincingly market a new trend, then consider your work half done. It is an extremely rewarding career if you think about the influential posts that you get to hold in the world of fashion. You practically get to decide the style statement that people will flaunt. Nothing is as empowering and flattering to a person’s ego than the idea that he can control teeming millions, subconsciously with his innovative ideas and ingenious outlook.

Apart from having the inherent knack for identifying popular fashion taste, people aspiring to get jobs in fashion marketing needs to have a professional degree from an accredited university. They need to be original and display creative talents as well as have a head for understanding business. After all fashion marketing is all about being able to understand what will work and what not. That is to say, it is about identifying those fashion trends, which when produced in mass will help the company recover its production cost along with a substantial profit margin.

The professional degree does nothing more except hone your skills in sales, marketing management and imparts you a more solid understanding of consumer psychology. Since fashion marketers have to coordinate their work with a number of different units such as retail outlets, fashion photographers, fashion designers; this humongous task of collaboration makes it an extremely taxing job. It also necessitates that fashion marketers be good with their PR skills and their understanding of effective promotion and advertising.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of fashion marketing job profile, let me tell you that this sector has been identified as one which holds a lot of promise for growth and expansion. Competition to get into the best company and work with the best fashion house is tough and why won’t it be so, when fashion marketers on an average get to earn as much as 80k a year?

A degree in fashion marketing is sure to fetch you good job opportunities. You can either work with fashion designers or big houses as fashion marketing assistant, visual merchandisers or stylists who style the models before their walk on the ramp. And if you are creative and daunting enough and have full confidence in your ability you can go for self- employment, that is to say you can establish your own boutique and run it with élan.

Employment in fashion marketing is not a difficult thing to secure if you know a few tips. For example it is always advisable to network and network well, I mean. Try and carry your business card and let the world outside feel your presence. Attend meetings and parties- both social and informal. Also remember to keep a look out for available job opportunities and if you do your homework well, you land yourself a job in no time!

Fashion Clothing Design and the Secrets of How to Never Run Out of Ideas and Inspiration

As a fashion clothing designer you have to be able to come up with many new, hopefully, original ideas in a consistent time frame in order to produce a new garment collection for every season.

So where and how can you get those fashion design ideas and concepts from? And in the middle of all that creativity, how do you stay within the realm of marketability and wearability at the same time?

Inspiration is sometimes thought of as some mysterious magical occurrence that only blesses a few of the most talented, creative people. This is not the case though. You can create your own inspiration and motivation by developing a keen eye and an avid appreciation for everything around you and I mean everything.

All aspiring fashion clothing designers are advised to research costume history, and the work of the many top fashion designers before them. This is correct to do but it shouldn’t be the at all and be all of your ‘inspiration’ resource.

First step, start learning about fashion history / costume design in other countries around the world, including the one’s you don’t like or aren’t interested in, you never know what you’ll find out. For example, the mini skirt was a tribal Chinese costume and the bikini was everyday wear in Brazil. You never know what kind of neat facts you’ll discover.

Start imagining how you can combine styles from various periods with elements and garment designs from completely different cultures and see what you can come up with.

Second, now it’s time to get away from fashion altogether and take a look at the rest of what’s happening visually and ‘texturally’ in the world. Some examples to check out are

– coloring and markings of lynx and bobcats
– patterns and shapes of seashells
– textures and forms and lichen
– architectural styles around the world
– interior design styles around the world
– shapes of insects and beetles
– pattern and coloring on birds of prey
– shapes of bird’s bodies
– ‘architecture’ of flowers
– delicateness of bat wings combined with their furry soft bodies
– the ‘look’ of some art and fantasy films
– the style of different ‘futures’ from various Sci-Fi films
– how seaweed looks underwater

All of these very beautiful things, from water falls to moon craters can be fuel for new kinds for fashion designs. Think outside of the box and combine totally non-related things like tulips and Tim Burton films with the architectural elegance of Taj Mahal. That’s the main idea for manufacturing originality, combining unrelated things or things that have not been put previously combined.

This can come out pretty crazy, garment wise right? How to keep your collection marketable than? Simple,

1. between which ever colors are ‘in’ and what would look great in your collection, choose the right color combinations

2. depending on who your intended market is, think about the garment styles and fit they already wear and modify them, incorporating “pieces” of your inspirations and combine them into the kind of look you’re after

3. make sure your designs are comfortable

4. where ever possible, incorporate or adopt what ever happens to be the season’s trend as long as you can do it in a way that works well together with your fashion clothing design concept

Following these tips will help you avoid any kind of fashion designer block so your work flow will be a lot smoother and you’ll be consistently productive without the fear of facing “concept drought”.

Happy fashion designing