Trends and Fashion in Men’s Shirts

The world of men’s shirts is an ever-changing one. New fashions and styles come and go. Some types of design innovations stay longer than some other. Historically, the evolution of shirts had been somewhat sedate till 1980s. But during the last thirty years or so, the design of shirts has undergone more changes than ever before. The shirt design industry has witnessed an avalanche of new designs, materials, and colors. Some of the new designs were based on the old concepts.

However, the improvement in the quality of cloths and sophisticated production techniques ensure that the new breeds of shirt are unrecognizable from the old kind of shirts, even if the design concepts of both types are the same. Here is an overview of some of the engrossing trends and fashion ideas in the world of men’s shirts.

Ready-Made Or Made To Order?

Which one is better? Ready-made shirts or made to order shirts? It is a confusion that many people still have. For some special occasions like wedding ceremonies, people hire famous shirt designers to create a very special kind of fabric. Also, if you want a special kind of shirt that is not available readily in ready-made format, it is better to opt for made to order shirts. Barring these two instances, it is safe to opt for ready-made shirts from quality brands.

Some of you may argue that your local tailors know your body shape and preferences better than the in-house designers of famous brands. It may be true. However, it happens very rarely. The in-house designers of men’s shirts of major brands are true professionals who keep abreast with the latest changes in fashion trends. You will not often find a local tailor with that kind of expertise and motivation.

Tuck In Or Tuck Out?

For professional occasions, there is no choice. Formal dressing etiquette requires tucked-in shirts. Many people though do not like to tuck in the shirts because it shows their protruded belly. They can opt for long tail men’s shirts for casual occasions. If you plan to wear tucked-out shirts, better opt for half sleeves. Full sleeves are always ideal for tucking in. T-shirts are excellent options for those who want to keep the shirts tucked out. It provides a compact appearance and fit nicely to the body.

On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to wear tucked-in shirts always. There is no problem with this habit. Only thing is that such people should avoid T-shirts. Some decades ago tucked-in T-shirts were a fashion craze. However, they no longer are in the reckoning.

New Trends In Shirt Materials

Traditionally, both natural fiber and artificial fiber were used for manufacturing shirts. Cotton is an example for natural fiber and polyester is an example for artificial fiber. Cotton is costlier and is supposed to have better quality.

On the other hand, the main advantage of polyester is its cost-effectiveness. Nowadays, poly-cotton – a blend of good features of cotton and polyester – is predominantly used to make men’s shirts. Among other shirt materials, metallic silk deserves special mention. Shirts made of white metallic silk are ideal for special occasions and ceremonies.

5 Ways to Keep Up With the Latest Women’s Fashion and Trends

If you have a keen interest in fashion and want to keep your finger on the pulse with the latest trends, there are many ways you can source information, and they don’t need to be costly and time consuming.


Magazines are a good way to keep up with the latest styles as they are packed full with articles and photos of the most popular trends, with celebrities for additional inspiration. There are also specific magazines which are entirely related to the fashion industry, and a useful idea is to take clippings of the best outfits to copy the styles on the high street. Many will also show you which styles not to wear, so you can stay away from these particular outfits.

Social Media

Social Media is a way to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and styles, and share information and experiences with like minded people. Websites such as Facebook and twitter let you keep up with designers and all the latest fashion news. Online blogs are also a good way to keep up with the latest styles, and are cost free. Bloggers tend to have all the latest information at their fingertips too, and they usually cover styles for all shapes and sizes. Many other websites have forums where you can have a chat with others and get hints and tips on trends and styles; you can even start your own trend!

High Street

Taking a walk down the high street is another way of keeping on top of the latest styles. Have a look at passers-by and copy styles if you see something you like, or adapt it to suit your own style. Also, have a good look in shop windows and you’ll get an idea of which outfits are fashionable for the season.

Fashion Websites

Have a look at fashion websites, by doing a Google search and you will usually have the option of signing up to newsletters. This means you will receive the latest fashion advice and tips, straight to your email inbox. You’ll find a lot of style magazines also have their own website, so this saves you the cost and means you can instantly purchase any outfits you particularly like.

Designer Websites

You can’t really get any closer to the latest trends, than by directly following the most influential designers in the fashion industry. Designers are at the heart of fashion, so keeping a close eye on their websites will ensure you are up-to-date on what’s going on within the industry. Calvin Klein, for example, allow visitors to view the catwalk show of the Spring Collection for 2011. Other designers, such as Versace and Burberry, have forward thinking websites, which are very alluring and enticing to visit. These sites enable you to discover the latest fashion trends, before they are released in magazines and prior to hitting the high street. You can also purchase clothes and accessories via these websites, and sign up to alerts and news updates.

Fashionable Maternity Clothes – Maternity Wear Ideas

Clothing designers can never be stopped in doing designs for different occasions, sizes, colors and people. And fashionable maternity wear are no excuse to their scope. Even as of this writing, there are many designers who have been focusing on the outfits of these pregnant women so they too will look prettier and sexy in this stage of their lives.

As of now the available maternity clothing are of the categories of tees, blouses, sweat wears, swim wears, jeans, crops, slacks, skirts and dresses. These clothes have been made according to the fit of pregnant women and designs vary from designers. It is because different designers use different cloths for different women built.

For the past 2010, different designers have sold a significant number of fashionable maternity dresses. Few of these designers are Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer’s and New Look. They have made a collection of maternity clothing.

As the years past, clothing lines have even more been improved and that includes as well the maternity clothing line. It has become more attractive and has become more available. The early months of pregnancies have been accommodated with the use of silhouettes that are back in fashion.

Here are few tips for a fashionable maternity wear:

Look out for maternity wear with fabrics that are comfortable and which will move with you.

With trousers easiest of all is the leggings or jeggings approach worn with an easy loose tunic or dress. The right jeggings or leggings can offer some physical support for your growing baby.

Buying yourself jeans for everyday wear would be great to make you feel normal like everyone else. The good thing about jeans is that you can pair them with fashionable shirts that have prints about motherhood.
A maternity dress from Dorothy Perkins in 2006 which is an empire-line, baby doll, maternity dress can be used for the summer.

This will help pregnant women to feel comfortable even with the summer sun around.

Buy dresses that are made of thin cloths and of the v-neck line to make you feel comfortable and fresh looking even for everyday wear. You can do mix and match if you buy separately the upper and lower clothes so you can also enjoy and make fashion even in your pregnancy.

Imitation of Fashion

Imitation is the behavior of one who observes and replicates another. “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” By all means, the world of fashion has been imitated by someone or something in some way or another. The key to fashion is expressing you. Finding what inspires you can help create a style that fits best with your true self. Even “the originals” of fashion have taken an idea of the world and turned it into their own. All you need is inspiration and that can be found anywhere. Art, films, travel, music or scenery can be a source of inspiration for one to adapt to and own as their self identity.

Having your own style consists of identifying who you want to be. You must first ask yourself “What inspires you?” Looking out into the world will help you to figure this out. Look to live up to things such as art, artists, movies and actresses and adapt them to your own character. Noticing details in your everyday life can be your source of inspiration. Fashion is very similar to things of the world like art, music, travel and film because it is a way of expressing your ideas, passions and culture. For example, high-end fashion designer Gucci based its entire spring 2006 ad campaign on Michelle Pfeiffer’s super chic look in the hit movie Scarface. Gucci’s inspiration was a film. The designers at Gucci were inspired by this notable film, making it into their own creation to promote their collection.

Music is also another form of inspiration. Your favorite rock star or musician’s style can be an influence for your own sense of style. Madonna and Diana Ross are both musical legends and fashion icons. Diana Ross always had her own individual style. She was always sexy and glamorous yet very sophisticated. People became inspired by Diana Ross’ unique style. She started a lot of trends due to her curves and femininity which gave inspiration to the ones who adored her. Diana’s stylish days with The Supremes even influenced the haute couture fashion designer, Coco Chanel with her classy and well-known two-piece suits. Madonna has also inspired the world in some way with winning the Fashion Icon award at the Elle Style Awards back in 2007. Madonna’s ever-changing style throughout her music career has introduced the world to re-inventing oneself. She has had so many different looks from her lacy underwear to a sex-goddess which inspires people to be a style chameleon. Changing up your look is another way to express yourself. Being inspired by such things helps create who you are and what image you want to convey to the world.

Fashion designers have also sought out artistic inspiration. “Every designer has been influenced by art, and art has been influenced by style,” Fashion Director of Elle Magazine, Nina Garcia. Art and fashion goes hand in hand. Designers are inspired by different forms of art, turning it into a fashion of their own. Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian collection was inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Laurent’s artistic inspiration made his collection one of the most recognizable art/fashion intersections. YSL looks to other artist as well for expression of his designs. Marc Jacobs also seeks out to artists to bring new visions to his fashion designs. Art and fashion has become a standard that other designers look to for inspirations because what you wear is art.

As you can see, inspiration for style can be found almost anywhere. Once you have embraced your sources of inspiration, study it and then create as your own style. Expressing your sense of style will help build your confidence in creating your best self. Fashion comes from all over and with style you can tell the world your story. Imitation is the key, and those who do not do so create products of nothing. Find your inspiration, imitate and become fashion!

Fashion Design Beyond The Classroom

There are so many creative, young people that dream of making it big time in the fashion industry. For people like this, with a passion for observing, creating and designing their very own fashion trends, it is often an optimal choice to pursue a degree in any number of relating subjects from a fashion design college. This is practically a no-brainer. Thanks to tons of scholarships, grants and fellowships, a fashion school education is accessible for anyone who really wants it bad enough to grasp.

The real challenge is facing this question: What comes after your college degree? What are the career options out there for fashion school grads? Obviously, not every student is going to make it as the next Marc Jacobs or Coco Chanel, so what type of work can these students do to sustain themselves, make a living, and work actively in the industry that they love? Here are some realistic career options for budding designers.

1. Designer’s Assistant. A great way to gain experience out of college is to seek out a designer’s assistant position. Working under a designer is a an eye-opening experience. An assistant will assist their designer in sketching ideas, drawing and cutting patterns, fitting finished garments, arrange shows and other press, arranging appointments with potential buyers, and several other business duties. Absorbing experience and knowledge from working under a successful designer is a sure way for any assistant to develop their own creative eye and business smarts.

2. Working for a larger firm. Often times, graduates from fashion school are able to get jobs in the design room staff of a large firm. In this work environment, they work with the rest of the design room staff under one head designer. Those working under the head designer will help to think of creative patterns, and ideas, as well as help to oversee general business issues. Also, firms often employ specialty designers to work on creating specific garments or items.

3. Teacher. With the knowledge and experience that you have gained from completing fashion college, you can seek out teaching opportunities. This is a great way to continue your path of learning. It is a well-known fact that teachers often learn as much from their students as the students learn from them. Plus, teaching a solid, reliable and fun career option. It is a way for people that love fashion to explore new fashion knowledge every day.

It is relieving to remind yourself that you can live and work in the fashion world without the pressure of becoming a famous designer. With that worry aside, you can really focus on developing design skills and doing the things you love and feel passionate about. Just get that fashion school degree first and let it open the door to you for any number of exciting career paths!