School Fundraising Ideas – The Fashion Show

Schools are constantly in need of funds. There are many fun activities available to help raise money such as worm charming or a car wash but a great favourite that involves everyone is the fashion show.

Whilst a fashion show will take a lot of planning (several months), the event can really pay off.

The school raises money by ticket sales, a raffle on the night and commission from clothes sales so it is potentially a good money spinner.

Seeing clothes close up can sway a persons decision on whether or not to buy so it is also good for the audience, plus its always nice to see friends and family modelling.

Getting outside help with the show is useful and there are companies specialising in this sort of thing. They will often supply a PA system, music, till, carrier bags and a full length mirror.

Make sure the company you go has experience of putting on fashion shows and that their stock is appealing to your audience. It will also be useful if they have the means to accept credit and debit card payment as this will increase your sales on the night.

You will need to decide whether you want to include refreshments in the ticket price and how much profit you are hoping to make on the night. Be realistic as you don’t want to put people off with the ticket price.

The venue you choose will need to be big enough to seat everyone expected and it needs to have a flat floor. A raised stage area will be an added bonus as it will make the catwalk more of a feature. Plenty of electrical points will be needed, as will a room for the models to change. Changing rooms for the audience to use after the show will also be required. The school hall may be suitable, but if not, consider the village hall or other venues nearby. Seating will also need to be sourced.

A good turn out is needed for the show so you will need to market it to your target audience which will probably largely consist of parents. Send a press release to the local paper, notify the parish magazine and make up posters to put up near the school. The school art department should be quite handy with the posters.

Pupils, staff and parents can all be used as models. Several rehearsals will be required so that everyone knows what to do on the night.

With careful planning, your fundraising fashion show should be a great night out and a financial success too.

Fashion Accessories – Unique and Fabulous

New up and coming independent designers and online small fashion labels offer a great alternative to high street stores in when it comes to fashion accessories. Tops for originality, quality and the flexibility found among smaller firms who are often willing to bend over backwards to get you just what you want, small fashion labels offer huge choice too: there’s a new take on every fashion trend amongst labels like these.

There is one company which has been at the forefront of new designers and small fashion labels offering a great range of fashion accessories in the online market place, which has an extensive range of clothing and accessories supplied by many small businesses with their own unique look or style.

We challenged this company’s fashion editor Carrie Tucker who works for an internet site that cater’s to lots of trends and styles, to reveal what she thinks the designers and labels on her site can offer. We named 8 different styles and asked her where to look for great fashion and accessories ideas.

1. Retro Chic

“Retro keeps coming back with a vengeance and it’s good for the business to always be prepared. We have a number of companies like Gingerspin who make great vintage bags that are bursting with old school style and lots of other accessories too.”

2. Hippy Chic

“The hippy style is going to be big this summer and we’ve got plenty of flowing, colourful dresses and lots of accessories too. It’s all about sunshine and fun – you can expect the streets of London to look more like Woodstock this summer!”

3. Elegant Evening Wear

“More and more people want their fashion accessories to have a real touch of glamour and glitz. Evening wear is always in but our partners have provided a great selection of original designs that are great for standing apart from the crowd.”

4. Urban

“Ducti make some great bags that capture the city look so well that are sharp and bright. Plus there are plenty of other accessories that capture the metropolitan style on the site too.”

5. The LBD

“Every woman needs at least one good little black dress and we’ve got some great takes on this classic item. These garments are a girl’s failsafe, but when they come with originality and contemporary ideas, it’s a real bonus.”

6. Boho

“It’s all about freedom and fashion meeting in great clothes and small businesses do this style better than anyone else. We have blouses and dresses that look radiant and relaxed throughout our fashion department.”

7. Slouchwear

“Carma London do some great slouchwear. There’s no harm in looking fantastic when you just feel like throwing on something simple, and the designers that contribute to our site know that. It’s comfort and style in perfect harmony.”

8. Eco Friendly fashion

“We like to support the small businesses that care as much about the planet as they do about their style. Many of our designers bring you clothes made from organic fabrics, with a tiny carbon footprint… and a fabulous-looking you!.”

Fashion Designer Jobs Skills And Obligations

Many individuals are interested in learning about the skills and obligations connected with fashion designer jobs. Individuals that are interested in this type of work will need to be very involved with all forms of clothing. These individuals will need to be able to keep up to date on what is considered trendy.

If a person has the ability to connect with the demographic that they are trying to reach people usually do very well in this field. Speaking with people about what they consider fashionable is extremely important so that people can become successful. Individuals also must have an eye for the different styles and textures of clothing.

People involved in this line of work will need to have a lot of skills when it comes to networking with other people. If an individual does not have good social skills they usually will not be extremely successful with this line of employment. Strong social skills are required to network with other companies and potential clients.

Individuals must be flexible when they are creating a line of clothing for people to wear. Just because the person likes the way that something appears that not mean that the public will agree. People must be willing to listen to what potential customers have to say about the items that they want to sell.

Individuals must understand why certain colors do not work well together. When someone has a clear understanding of what will work in a public setting they should be able to do well in the field. The majority of individuals usually do not have any difficulty finding work when they are willing to listen to what the potential customers feel about certain products.

People must be very socially active in order to maximize their potential in this line of work. The more people that an individual is willing to talk to the more unique ideas they can come up with. Coming up with unique fashion ideas is something that not everyone has the ability to do. Making sure that something becomes popular has a lot to do with the marketing techniques that the person developing the product uses.

It should be very simple for people to understand fashion designer jobs and how they are completed effectively. Individuals involved in the profession must have an ability to know what will look good on other people. They also must have a passion for making sure that people look their best.

The Great History of Fashion Design

The history of fashion takes us into a time warp. It’s art in its purest form. It is all about style. The way a designer puts into form fabric and colors to make an outfit has always been greatly watched by many. Designer clothing makes its way into films and magazines now and is the high talk of many magazines.

There is high fashion clothing and good fashion clothing. The high fashion clothing comes with an extremely high price tag and many of these cloths are worn just once and discarded. Good fashion clothing doesn’t necessary have a designer label attached to it, it is a useful piece of clothing that looks nice.

Fashion style for women’s clothing goes from something that hugs the body to loose fitting clothing with something tied around it. Zippers can go up the back or right down the side. Jeans have designs on them or they can be plain. Suits can be tailored to fit the body to those that drape the body.

Good taste comes from the time period that one lives it. Some skirts were fashionable above the knee, while others drape below the knee. Different colors and styles of the fabric represent good taste it is highest form. There are different time periods that are still in fashion today. Some people like to be bold and start new fashion trends, while others just stick within the guidelines of the time.

A good sense of style can be developed by looking at different magazines, getting ideas of what’s in and what’s out. Going to museums is always a good thing to do as well.

Make it a habit to observe what people are wearing. Subscribe to different fashion magazines or bookmark some of your favorite fashion URLs that might be online. See what other people are talking about. Watch the ads in the magazines as well.

When you see something of good style make a note of how you would change the fashion yourself into something different. Get a sewing machine and rip apart some of your clothing and make it into a new piece. Put some lining in a coat or a patch on a pair of jeans.

You can obtain ideas for fashion in so many places. The different weather patterns that are in the sky can give you idea. You can get ideas on how to create fashion from watching children playing, or a piece from a song that drums up that creativeness inside of you. There has always been a sense of fashion style in the basic dress and pants that people wear. It has changed through time. Some styles come back and others just disappear. Now you know a little bit about the history of fashion.

Fashion Design Careers – Learn How to Get Your Career in Fashion Started

The world of fashion is exciting. In fact, being a fashion designer is one of the most creative and awesome jobs to do. What are the two skills that you need to be a good fashion designer? You will need to sew well and to draw your ideas. Of course, these will be taught by experts when you enroll in a fashion school. Aside from those two mandatory skills, you will need passion: passion for clothes and design. It would also do you well to be a right brained person because to be a fashion designer requires that you think outside the box and to avoid conformity. Creativity is essential in the fashion world. Other things that you’ll need are determination and a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry. You need to have a good grasp of the creative side as well as the business side.

The next thing to do is to enroll in a fashion design program with a reputable fashion school. This will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge in a structured setting. Professionals will be guiding you in your quest to become a full fledged fashion designer.

The following section is the Design Process. It is a core material of what they will teach you in Fashion School. The design process will teach you the steps from the conception of your design to the creation of the garment.

The first step in the Design Process is to choose your target market. This means interviewing them so that you’ll understand their fashion needs and tastes. The next step is to know the trends. Fashion is forever trending and changing so it’s important to know what is in and what is not. If you infuse your creativity into what your market what, you will create a successful design that will be well loved.

After you have a better idea of what your market wants, it’s time to choose the fabric. You have to do this before you sketch your design because the design depends on the fabric you choose. Make sure the fabric you choose is what your target market loves. Fabric is also dependent on the season you are targeting. It does not make sense to use wool for a summer season.

The next step is to sketch now your design. By this time, you will have a good idea already of what your customer is looking for. You will also have determined what an ‘in’ trend is for the season you are targeting. It’s now time to unleash your creativity. Your creativity has to be evident in the design you will sketch.

After you have finished your sketch, you will now take measurements. You can choose to customize it for each customer or you can go with the global size standards. If you are only dealing with a few clients, it’s best to give them a personalized service by taking their measurements personally.

You then draft your patterns. You will need this to sew a garment. For your test garment for fitting, you will be sewing muslin. Muslin will allow you to modify your patterns when needed. After you try it with your client, you check the fit. Redraft your patterns and use another muslin garment if necessary. When your muslin perfectly fits and meets your customers’ requirements, you then sew the actual garment with the fabric you have initially chosen earlier.

The beauty of being a fashion designer is that you continually help people look good and that your creativity muscles are always being stretched. Happy customers will send you referrals along your way. Treat them well and you’re on way to a great career as a fashion designer.