Catering for a Fashion Event

When a fashion event is on the agenda, the involved parties start planning hectically all the details. People typically associate a fashion event with fancy clothes, great music and a variety of sophisticated art themes.

Often the planning of a fashion event requires significant amount of energy, imagination, enthusiasm and of course, creativity! Because fashion events often get some form of media attention, they should be planned with exceptional motivation and dedication. Keep in mind that typically the guests of a fashion event are stylish fashionistas, designers and models, and their taste for food, style and music can differ significantly from that of ”regular” partiers. Fashionistas look for originality, class and sophistication.

Catering for the polished fashionista may be time-consuming and this is the reason why numerous people seek the services of a special catering service provider that focuses on weddings, bachelor parties, formal events, cocktails and dinners.

Catering for Your Special Fashion Event

No matter if you have a new designer presentation or a runway show on the agenda, the food for the event has to be carefully chosen to reflect your exceptional taste and an affinity for creative ideas.

1. Choose the theme! Choose colors and elements that would reflect the specific theme that you have picked. For example, if you go for a classy theme, choose to decorate your venue in black or white. If you prefer to bring a playful twist to your event, opt for memorable colors such as pink, blue and orange.

2. Choose the right themes. Ennio Morriccone, classical music or the latest hits of Beyonce- your music should be chosen in tune with your event’s theme and the major ideas that you would like to convey.

3. Choose aesthetically appealing appetizers. You can pick up special plates that could be passed from one person to another, and these may include seared lamb, seared Atlantic salmon or wild mushroom risotto.

4. Rely on amazing dessert ideas. Cr̬me Brule, brownies, chocolate cake or milk shakes Рyour desserts should reflect a great level of creativity.

5. Bring beautifully decorated fruit plates – You can bring an amazing ”web” of colors and figures to your table with the help of aesthetically presented fruit plates.

6. Choose fine wines and fruity cocktail to finish the theme. Strawberry mojitos, apple martinis or simply champagne – your drinks should be a great finish to your chosen theme.

7. Bring a sense of exotics – Tangerine and Spinach Salad, shrimp cocktail and Mexican tacos will contribute for a more fun dining experience and will be a great exotic addition to your general setting. Make sure you appear stylish and fashionable at your event to make everyone look at you with and adore you for your great creative ideas!

Don’t forget to supply a good amount of flowers to your event to stun your guests with a few remarkably fresh elements. Celebrate in style!

Fashion – A Necessity or Desire

Before we begin our discussion on fashion and its place in our society let’s first try to understand what fashion really is.

Wikipedia defines fashion as: A general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture.”

It is very difficult to follow a given set of parameters that can define our individual concept of fashion. With such a vast diversity of cultures and interests, a single pointed dimension does not do justice to our imaginative minds. It is an ever changing and an ever evolving set of ideas that are followed to bring about a newness or uniqueness in various dimensions of our lifestyle.

Fashion has been a part of our society from the very beginning, changing its form and subject as the need arises. For me, not choosing to follow the popular trends could mean fashion, however, for a dedicated fashion enthusiast, following these trends in depth might define his/her entire character and the concept of fashion.

When we talk of the necessity, this need arises from the very creative minds, wanting to transform their ideas in to something that the world can see. It is not only their desire, but to let out all those fierce and out of the box ideas, becomes a need for them to be able to express themselves. This gives birth to the most talented minds, as world known personalities, who begin to explore this burst of ideas as a career, which has now largely come to be known as the “fashion industry”.

These Fashion Gurus, start to define the trends, styles, lifestyles that can be called as the latest fashion for a particular period of time. Whereas, others begin to follow these guidelines, due to the immense faith and respect that they develop for these Gurus over time. These trends can be in a vast array of areas such as clothing, footwear, interiors, furniture, paintings, body art, hair etc. However these trends are short lived and take a new form over a period of few weeks or months, as and when new ideas start bubbling into the creative minds of our fashion gurus.

So we can largely say that fashion becomes a need for few, in the form of a career due to their dire need to express their ideas. And it also becomes a necessity for the very fashion conscious followers to be an active part of this idea conceptualization. It becomes a daily part of their life to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and religiously follow them.

However following all this fashion comes at a price, since it is an art that is generated from great talented minds, that can take as long as years to conceptualize their ideas. It is not a product that can be manufactured at any given time, from any given machine. It needs inspiration and some nurturing.

Hence following these trends and to be a part of the fashion industry is not an opportunity that everyone can afford. However there are still people who have this great desire to be acceptable in the society or rather known in the society as Fashionable. It is a want that arises from seeing the glamorous world that exists around them, and the urge to be a part of it captures their mind and heart. They want to look good, and feel good, and to be complimented on their great fashion sense. It is a form of peer pressure that spreads like a virus, and before people realize they are hit by it! Many of us, though not understanding this glamorous world of fashion, are forced to look or behave the way others want us to. Several times during this process we are lost and don’t understand out rue nature, and wants, and desires. Wanting to be fashionable becomes an injected desire.

Thus, we can safely say that though Fashion exists in every strata of our society, it is a need for some and desire for some. Whereas other are just plain victims!

Top Fashion Ideas To Know If You Want To Master How To Attract Women

A pretty lady can tell quite a bit about a guy before he even says a word to her. Some women are very good at analyzing non verbal cues, which consist of body language gestures, self-confidence levels, as well as knowledge of fashion from a man. This is why it is worthwhile for you to incorporate a fashionable look while you learn how to attract women, otherwise you are going to find it hard to succeed.

One thing you’ll need to acknowledge before I explain the fashion tips is that different types of women enjoy a variety of different looks on guys. I am going to leave you with thoughts to consider but in the end you need to know the style of fashion that the type of woman you are interested in enjoy. Knowing that offers you an advantage for dressing the part and introducing a touch of subconscious appeal in her. I will list the things I understand to be the most significant aspects of an excellent attire, starting with most important, moving towards the least.

Curiously, shoes are the most critical element to take notice of. A lot of women have a weakness for shoes, which is no surprise. Maybe this has to do with some hidden psychological characteristic? Who honestly knows? The one thing that’s definite though is the fact that quality women will get quite a bit of information about you just by discovering what sort of shoes you have on. Here is the aspect you ought to pay close attention to: the shoes have got to match the context of your location and what you are wearing as a whole. Various shoes are for certain times and certain attires. It’s best to have on good-looking, clean, and proper footwear each and every occasion you venture out in the event you come in contact with an interesting lady.

Next on the list are the pants that you have to wear. Yet again how you wear your pants and how they match the particular scenario will tell an awful lot about you. Most women don’t like sagging pants, nor do they much care for extremely loose-fitting pants. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear your pants way up to your chest or skin-tight though. Your best option will be to wear pants that fit well on your waist and reveal the definition of your butt while not choking you from the hips down. Ideally you’ll want to find brand name jeans when you are dressing in denim. Anything that has a sexy design on the rear pockets will work well. That gives women the thought that you are trendy and appreciate style.

Moving on, you should take notice to the shirts you dress in. This is certainly the place where understanding your kind of woman plays a large part. Various women have a preference for tightly fitted, rock music themed, shirts. Various opt for Abercrombie type dress up shirts, or maybe nice sweaters coupled with vests. The choices are really endless here. The key is to determine the kind of woman you have in mind and do a bit of research online into recent fashion trends for guys. Then simply imitate the shirt styles you observe. If you match the appropriate style with the sort of women that you’re interested in, then you’re set to go. The apparent thing for you to do at this point is to purchase the shirts and use them!

Last of all you’ll want to accessorize. Wear what works with your personality such as wrist watches, rings, ties, hats, necklaces, earrings, or anything else you are able to bring to mind. Accessorizing will help you to be noticeable from a bunch of look-a-likes. This is the easiest method to include personality to your presence as well as to have a certain amount of flare in the way you come across. Now that you are aware of the importance of dressing the part and you also understand ways to put together a suitable outfit, you should be ready to hit the scene and begin turning the heads of eye-catching women wherever you go!

Fashion Ideas For Women With Flat Chests

T-shirts are very popular among women and men of all ages. These are not only very comfortable to wear but they are also easy to pair with either jeans or skirts. I believe that women should always make sure that whatever they are wearing should work well with their physique and height. Some of the women have the problem of having flat chest; such women find it very difficult to choose appropriate clothes for themselves so that their flaw hides and their best features can become prominent. This article contains fashion and specifically t-shirt suggestions for women with flat chests.

If you have small breasts, you better go with t-shirts that have wide necklines as that will give an illusion of bigger breasts. Thus, you better go with necklines such as crewnecks and Sabrina necklines. Layered style and empire styles shirts can also be highly flattering for women with flat chests.

Women, who have small breasts but they want their breast to appear bigger, should go for plain t shirts with light or bright colors, since this will expand the look of their chest. If you like to pick printed shirts, then go for stripes in horizontal style, since these will also help to expand the look.

Semi fitted t-shirt styles can be helpful in creating an illusion of bigger breasts. It is better not to go for skin tight t-shirts, as they will make the small breasts more prominent.

T-shirts with pockets at the top can help to add extra volume in your upper half. Pick short length shirts, since small breast can make your torso look very long so short length shirt would clear the difference between the breasts and the area where the waist starts.

Last but not the least, I would suggest you to wear padded bras with t-shirts – they will make your appearance more stylish and perfect.

Recycling Your Old Clothes Into a New Wardrobe – Top Secrets From Fashion School Experts

Do you have a closet full of old clothes that you just don’t wear anymore? While you could donate some of it to a thrift shop, you can actually give new life to a lot of your garments so you’ll have a whole new wardrobe. We surveyed a panel of fashion school students who are self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfers, and they’ve come up with these creative ideas for turning your old clothes into new fashions. It’s a great way to show the world how eco-friendly, and stylish, you are.

Jean therapy. It may sound like a challenge on “Project Runway,” but old denim can be repurposed in a variety of ways to create new fashions. Our panel loved the idea of creating a denim skirt by cutting the legs off a pair of jeans slightly above the knee, ripping the seams of the legs, and realigning the fabric in an inverted “V,” using fabric from the cut-off legs to bridge any gaps. For those more advanced with a sewing machine, they recommended deconstructing several pairs of jeans by cutting them up into pieces to create a color-block sundress, inverting the denim in various places to add contrast to the design. And for beginners, turning a pair of jeans into a purse or a tote bag is an easy project. (You can also make capris or make boot cut jeans into a straight leg or narrow cut.)

Splicing two pieces together. If you have two shirts that you’re tired of, here’s a way to get two new shirts that look like they’ve come off the latest runway show. Cut off the sleeves from both shirts, and then switch the sleeves, sewing one pair onto the opposite shirt and vice versa. You can do the same with shirt collars or pants, switching out waistbands, or even the belt loops.

Changing the buttons. Have an old cardigan that’s a little tired? A jacket that’s worn out its welcome? Freshen them up just by changing out the buttons. An old cardigan, jacket or even a blouse suddenly becomes a fashion statement when you sew on colorful new buttons. Mismatch the colors for an even more fun twist.

Embellishments. Crafty fashionistas will have a lot of fun with this. Sew or glue sequins and rhinestones to old tops and jeans. Silk flowers can adorn hats, shoes, and dresses. Pin a bow on a jacket for a chic, elegant look. And ribbons add a fresh and flirty touch to most anything.

Ironing on designs. One of our panel’s favorite methods of transforming old clothes was by using iron-on transfers. It’s as easy as creating graphics on a computer (or finding stock images) and printing them out on an inkjet printer onto transfer paper. Then iron the design onto any garment that could use a little graphic embellishment. Choose to showcase one large design, or repeat several smaller ones.

Dyeing for fashion. The fashion design students also extolled the joys of dyeing old clothing to create a totally new look. Frequently, we get tired of a certain item, or it’s acquired a stain we want to hide. Dyeing the garment completely transforms it through color. The students do recommend that you consult a color wheel, so you know how a certain dye color will react with the garment’s existing color.

Making scarves. Material from old tees, flannel shirts, and even suits make wonderful scarves. Just cut the garments into smaller pieces of equal width and sew them together, hemming the edges of the scarf when you’re done. The reverse is also true: if you have an old silk scarf, you can turn it into a blouse or halter top with a few nips and tucks.

Changing the neckline. Something as simple as altering the neckline of a garment can completely transform it. Grab some scissors, and turn your crew neck t-shirt into a v-neck. Do the same with an old sweater. And don’t worry about sewing the cut edges; the deconstructed look is very hot.

Recycling your old clothes into new fashions may become so addictive, don’t be surprised if you start shopping at thrift stores to buy more garments for future projects.