Fashion Boutique

Mary Quant was one of the first designers to open up to the world her ideas on a hanger in the fashion industry when she opened up her boutique Bazaar in 1955 on London Kings Road. The sixties symbolised liberalism and freedom of expression.

Fashion designers were now experimenting and breaking the classical mould of the use of material now trying various textiles to achieve innovating shapes, patterns, colours and most of all the imagination to think outside the box. Below are a number of Fashion designers that helped to shaped and influence the fashion styles you see in the high street.

There are so many not mentioned but the designers below give a broad spectrum of innovation that is still evolving through our present designers and new designers that are emerging worldwide. Fashion has reached to globally thanks to the media and TV portal, and with this we are privileged to know more designers that have been inspirational of the 21st century. With this insight we know have a global event of fashion shows from Europe, United States, Banana Republic to the United Kingdom.

We have models that are now reaching epic proportions and all because of the power of the press. You know not only have the catwalk queen for best model; you have face of the year, movies, endorsements, advertisements, shopping mall shows and sponsorship deals. The life of the model is in healthy hands. But unfortunately life on the high street for the Boutique has almost lost its very meaning, the same boutiques that today’s fashion shops have based themselves upon.

The Boutique represented the specialization of elite and fashionable items such as clothing and jewelry, one-of-a-kind but more generally speaking. Instead the majority of these elite shops have succumbed to the mass market selling of generic catwalk copies. This was a place that you could measure yourself in a stylish sense of the latest trend.

We have the talented designers, the ideas, but not the high street portal to showcase the styles in fashion that everyone benchmarked them with, the Boutique. We want our place of distinction back; we don’t want to find these fashion pieces of art clustered in the store of mass market production on the high street in well known stores that are selling them in the very same style of a boutique.

They just pepper dust designers work of art all about the shop floor and make out as though they were produced by themselves. The next time you browse around the shop store, notice how many fashion designer names there are, you will be surprised.

Three Ways to Work From Home in the Fashion Industry!

A burning passion for fashion and a desire to work from home can be a winning combination. Not even a bad economy can stop the consumer’s desire to look and feel good – and you can earn money by helping them accomplish that goal. Whether you’re interested solely in shoes, have a vested interest in t-shirts, or just love fashion for all that it is worth, then you have the potential to be the next big entrepreneur on the block!

1. Blogging About Fashion Topics

Are you blessed with a way with words on top of your infallible eye for design? Take advantage of your skills to create entertaining, informative, or persuasive blog posts about the latest and greatest fashion topics. You can monetize your venture with advertisements, designer or retail-sponsored posts, or by allowing others to make posts outlining their new products.

These aren’t the only ways to make money by blogging about fashion, of course, but these tactics can give you an idea of where to start. And you never know: what starts as a blog could end up growing into a fully developed website with enough care and cultivation.

2. Connecting Fashionistas with Hot Trends

You can make good money and work from home with affiliate advertising if you have the marketing skills. Sign up for relevant fashion-related affiliate programs and find creative ways to pitch their products. You can do this through blog posts, social networking, email marketing, and through just about any other form of online communication possible.

Perhaps you will be connecting future designers with fashion schools, or tall women with appropriately fitting clothing. Find a niche that you’re knowledgeable in and spread the word about relevant, high-quality products and services. You can feel good knowing that your work from home adventure is helping people.

3. Creating Your Own Products

Why bother selling or advertising other people’s products if you have the skills to make and market your own? If you’re the crafty type, you can find easy avenues to sell your own custom creations – like Etsy or eBay. Even if you only know how to make scarves, you may end up being the best hand-made scarf seller on the Internet!

You can also work from home by selling informational products and services. Do you know fashion secrets or have valuable advice that others would pay to hear? How about original clothing patterns? Write a comprehensive e-book and market it aggressively! Are you more of a consultant than a creator? Offer your services to those who need your fashion advice desperately. Creativity is, of course, your ticket to endless income.

If your current 9-to-5 paychecks go primarily toward your love of fashion anyways, why not turn the tables and start generating revenue from your favorite hobby? The fashion industry will never die, so don’t be afraid to stick your head out and try a work from home opportunity doing what you love. Hard work? Yes. Rewarding? YES!

Just How to Look A Few Inches Higher With These Key Fashion Ideas

Are you currently sick and tired of being tiny? You would be amazed simply how much a clothing alteration and also a transformation of frame of mind is able to do! These are not the sole ways to make the body a more elevated, by keeping a balanced and healthy diet along with very good posture, you may also avoid many bone damaging disorders that often take place while you get older, including shrinking.

1st, let’s look into your own clothing. Many may well dress to highlight their figure or their particular muscles, however do you know you could dress to help make your entire body start looking taller? You can do this simply by selecting office attire that are all 1 color, if possible darker hues, for instance navy blue or even black. Pinstripes are also beneficial in aiming to be more elevated. By wearing two-toned clothes, just like darker pants accompanied by a white-colored shirt, you actually bring a line over your waist from where the two colors connect with, making you look short, particularly when your pants tend to be on top of your waist. Stay clear of designs including plaid or even polka dots. Best of all, make an effort to opt for apparel that fits you nicely and tends to make your own limbs and torso appear long rather than short.

The shoes can also have an effect to make your body more elevated. Putting on heels as well as height increasing insoles could make you appear taller. Putting on large shoes, for example boots, clogs and also tennis shoes, may also aid in the illusion, because they make you look even bigger.

Amazingly, your hair additionally effects your height. By wearing your hair lengthy, you blur the space between your ears and also shoulders, which makes your own neck appear shorter.

Your posture is vital, and not simply for looks. Sitting with your back straight and your shoulders back does make the body taller, although it is essential for the bones and muscles too, especially the back.

Most importantly, attitude is certainly every thing. It’s easier said than carried out, I know, however exuding confidence are capable of doing miracles for your self image. When you find yourself happy, optimistic, and professional, folks notice this and react to it. On the other hand, if you are miserable, doubtful, and pessimistic, those people you socialize with will discover this at the same time, and it will affect your appearance.

Factors Influencing Urban Fashion

There is not one certain factor that influences fashion in urban India. Its is an amalgamation of many co-existing factors that generate demand. It is quite alarming to note that the demand in Indian market for fashion is insatiable and supply yet needs to be aligned accordingly.

The primary factor is Awareness! Teenage and Kids are more knowledgeable about fashion elements and colours for the season. This demand is self generated or imitated by fashion magazines or window displays. Wearing a latest trend is not trying to be in sync but to feel confident. Office goers no more succumb to the typical sari or plain wear salwar suits. The idea is to maintain the formal d├ęcor and this is possible with specially tailored office suits be it a pant suit or a skirt jacket. The variations in the length of the skirt is to be dealt with decency.

Spending power of people is increasing. Almost all graduates enroll themselves in professional courses and position themselves in respecting posts. The pay packet that comes with these responsibilities is lumpsum. Many interests generate from this self sufficiency for e.g. Possessing latest gizmos, a nice car etc. So why not the latest clothing?

Indirect demand is what parents or elders buy for their children or loved ones. This cannot be a factor as there is an emotional need attached. Picking a toy or a 1st birthday hamper for a loved one is exhilarating and cannot be equated by money value.

Cosmpolitan outlook also fillips Fashion, wherein the festivals are not bifurcated as per religion. Diwali, Christmas and New Year revelry is seen in all urban areas wherein shopping tops the list.

Style quotient is high in urban individuals. All are interesting in making a statement and this becomes a personal priority. The enticing variety is jewelry designs, international brands, mini sized gadgets and gizmos are coveted by many affluent citizens.

Film personalities and celebrities all over highly influence fashion ideas. A page 3 fashion becomes a rage. Derbies and launch parties are another urban happenings which necessitate the need for latest international fashions.

Comfort is required in all arenas be it kids wear, shoes, sports wear or gadgets. This makes more need for designers to experiment on newer creations.

Are There Key Ideas in Fashion?

What is fashion all about? What is the key purpose behind fashion. We hear statements some things are fashionable and other things are not in fashion. What makes one thing fashionable and another unfashionable.

In this world we find that things are continually improving and there is a culture to bring constant improvement. So then fashion could be seen in this context, of something that is looking for continual improvement or is improvements in clothing not possible. May be improvements can be made in the types of textiles or in the way fabrics respond to the different weather conditions.

So what is the driver behind fashion and who decides what clothes or what jewelery is in fashion and what is not. What makes millions of people desire to have the most fashionable items of clothing and jewelry, and what makes people decide that the clothes that they use to wear is unfashionable. Could the word be innovation? could the need to make things better be the driving force that is continually bringing change in the world of fashion. What about when it comes to the world of jewelry what are the things that change or improve?

Another interesting subject is the design or modifying of existing garments. In the world you hear the term do it yourself, in the world of fashion this can be a very powerful idea. You have the power to shape and modify existing clothes and produce clothes that have new life. This can be done by the use of trimmings. The creative use of trimmings can create a wealth of vibrant new fashionable garments. There is a wide variety of trimmings that can be used. For example the use of wool fabric, knitted textile and fabrics trimmings are just a few of the trimmings that can be used to completely change the look of a garment.

Ribbon trimmings can produce a very interesting effect and give a garment the royal look. By adding beaded trims a garment can be given a look that you could find on an exotic island beach. Trimmings can be used in a variety of different uses, and is only limited by the imagination. Leather trimmings are useful in getting a look of the wide west, and these trimmings can be used in many scenarios. So we see that fashion could be taken to another level by people creating their own look by modifying and changing existing garments and clothes. The ideas that can be produced are limitless, and one idea can easily lead to another. The raw material of various trimmings can produce garments that can produce great effects. So why not look at how you can with imagination, produce the next fashion trend.

Pareah Raja (c) July 2011